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Last exhibition: 7th Oct.- 2nd Dec. 2015

Wednesday, 7th Oct.2015 19:00, Vernissage

Rellinger Straße 26, 25421 Pinneberg
Welcome speech:
Dr. Dr. Klaus Behling


Exhibition in 2013

50th jubilee of the French-German agreement treaty:

The Landdrostei foundation invited artists involved with both countries to celebrate this jubilee: Nathalie David, Burkhard Dierks, Tobias Duwe, Michael Halfmann, Armelle Maguer and Mouna Ramcke

Vernissage: 9th February -24. March 2013;                                                                  Die Drostei , Dingstätte 23, 25421 Pinneberg, bei Hamburg. 
Anke SpoorendonkMs , Minister for Justice, culture und European affaires from the regional parliament of Schleswig-Holstein will be present.                                       Art historien Dr Barbara Aust-Wegemund will introduice the work of the six artists.

Exhibitions in 2012

-"In the Advent Time" 21. -25. Nov. 2012 exhibition in collaboration with the Luther church  Kirchshofsweg in Pinneberg

-24th Nov.-5rd Dec. 2012 " Hass & Hatje, Rellingen

 -"About time"-"Zeit eilt, teilt, weilt, heilt": Paintings from Mouna Ramcke , illustrated with texts and poetry , with Sibylle Hallberg , songs and guitare, Rüdiger Blaschke.

26. September, 19.00 Drostei, Dingstätte 23, 25421 Pinneberg