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Mouna Ramcke has been in contact with many cultures and countries; she was brought up in Paris and Toulouse,(France) and has been living in Germany for more than 30 years. This makes her very receptive to her environment and is reflected not only in her personality but also in her artwork.

She was brought up in Paris and Toulouse, France. After high school she went to England where she received a grant from the Hampshire Authorities and started her studies at the university of Portsmouth . She completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 1980.

 She took her Master at the same time as a teaching assistantship at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Anne Scott and Dr. Claude Bouygue were her tutors and the supervisors of her theses.

In 1989-90 Mouna took classes in creative free painting by Martine Frébault at the association des Beaux-arts by Paris.

 She participated to many workshops and seminars in Berlin and Hamburg.

 From 1999 till 2007 Mouna Ramcke opened her atelier-gallery “Aqua-Art” to the public. There she also held art classes for adults.

 In 2000 she created a project, “Pont des Arts”, (Bridge of the Arts) allowing an exchange between French and German artists. The project was supported by the French consulate, the regional parliament of Schleswig - Holstein and the European parliament in Strasburg. “Pont des Arts” was awarded by the Robert-Bosch Foundation.

Mouna found in 2008 a new location for her atelier were she works and gives art lessons.

 Pont des Arts II: They will be two major exhibitions in Hamburg and Pinneberg in January and February 2013 for the 50 anniversary of the Elysée treaty( French and German friendship accord). 



1972 Baccalauréat (A-Level) Paris

1973 - 1976 Techn. college, Southampton, proficiency in the English language

1976-1980 Bachelor of Arts, with honours, Portsmouth, England

1980-1983 Master of Arts, UBC Vancouver, Canada

1989-1991 Association des Beaux-Arts, Chatou near Paris

Additional training Art Schools in Germany:

- Kunstakademie (Academy of Art) Bahrenfeld, Hamburg

- Freie Kunstakademie, Berlin

(with Ute Wöllmann, former Master Student of Professor Georg Baselitz)

-Summer academie Venice

- In 2000 she created a project, “Pont des Arts”, (Bridge of the Arts) allowing an exchange between French and German artists. The project was supported by the French consulate, the regional parliament of Schleswig-Holstein and the European parliament in Strasburg.


- Robert-Bosch-Foundation for the project: “Pont des Arts” (Bridge of the Arts)

-Price winner international Summer-academy of fine arts and media Venice.

Solo and duo exhibitions:

Juli 2014       Temporary Gallery Rathauspassage Pinneberg

Sept. 2012    „Zeit eilt, teilt, weilt, heilt“, Förderverein Landdrostei, Pinneberg

Nov. 2012     „Zeit zur Besinnung“, Lutherkirche, Pinneberg

Nov. 2012      Firma Hass & Hatje, Rellingen 

 Okt.2011       Hotel Bellevue, An der Alster, Hamburg

Nov. 2011      Firma Hass & Hatje, Rellingen

Okt. 2011      Hotel Bellevue, an der Alster, Hamburg

Juni 2011      "Hamburg und anderes" Zur landdrostei, Pinneberg

Nov. 2010      Holding  Hass & Hatje Rellingen

Mai   2010     Poppe Cabinet, Pinneberg

Nov. 2009     Holding Hass & Hatje Rellingen

Sept. 2008    Holding Hass & Hatje, Rellingen, Germany

Sept. 2006    „Bilding bridges between cultures, Kursane, Wedel near Hamburg, Germany

Nov. 2005     „Wind, water & colours“, A. Beig Verlag Pinneberg, Germany
Sept.2005      “France our guest “, Rotunde, Timmendorfer Strand on the Baltic Sea

Feb. 2005       Advisor Enterprise, Hamburg, Germany

Feb. 2001      Nordakademie, Elmshorn, Germany
Dec. 2000      Hotel Radisson SAS, Hamburg, Germany (Duo)

July 2000       European Parliament, Strasburg, France (Duo)

April 2000      Landeshaus Kiel (regional parliament), Germany (Duo)

Group exhibitions:

Sept. 2014:            Kulturhof Itzehoe, Künstler-Gilde Ausstellung

Juli 2014:               IHK zu Elmshorn, Künstler-Gilde Ausstellung

Jan 2014:               HamburGGalerie, Rödingsmarkt, Hamburg

Feb. 2013:            „Pont des Arts II“, Landdrostei‚ Kreiskultur-Zentrum, Pinneberg

Juli  2013:              Palazzo Zenobio, Venice

Juli  2012:              Palazzo Zenobio, Sommerakademie Venice

April 2011:           „Starke Frauen“, Galerie Gerd Uhlig, Levantehaus, Hamburg

Feb. 2010 "           "Mousquet'Art", Art Gallery,Hamburg

 Aug. 2007            Galerie am Fleet, Hamburg

Aug. 2007             Galerie Udo Lindenberg & More, Hamburg

Oct. 2006              Art fair, Hanse Art, Hamburg

Mai 2006              “Salon des Indépendants“, Paris, France

March 2006         „Unterwegs“ (on my way) , Museum Langes Tannen, Uetersen

Jan. 2004             International exhibition, Meerbusch, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

May 2003            „Pont des Arts“,  Husum, Germany

Jan. 2003            Technologiepark, Hamburg

June 2002           Bagnols-sur-C, France

April 2002          „Pont des Arts“, Rendsburg, Germany

Feb. 2002          „Pont des Arts“, foundation Landdrostei‚ cultural center Pinneberg, Germany

Sept. 2001         Galerie Feret, Avignon, France

July 2000           Foundation Landdrostei, cultural center Pinneberg.

 Art works in public institutions:

 - Nordakademie, Elmshorn:

- „Diagonale“, 100 x 200 cm.

- Collection of the foundation of the Kreissparkasse Südholstein (regional bank):

 "Schau um die Ecke“, 100 x 50 cm;

"Am Abgrund vorbei“, 100 x 50;

"Provence“, 100 x 80 cm.

- Reha-Zentrum, Schenefeld:

- „Welle“, 100 x 160 cm


Book-cover„Management und Soziale Arbeit“, Faculty for Social Affairs, University of Niederrhein,

ISBN 3-933493-16-1